2 days, 1 night. 

Adventure Sports Camp


Gain outdoor skills, learn to paddle, swim and about canyoneering. Play beach volleyball and enjoy a campfire under the stars!

Incl. activties, food & accommodation.

5 800 rs / person. MORE INFO HERE.

2 days, 1 nights. 

Mindfulness Weekend


Learn about the 5 Balances; Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional & Spiritual; through soft outdoor activities, practice being in the now and reconnecting with nature. 

Incl. activties, food & accommodation.

4 800 rs / person. MORE INFO HERE.

2 days, 1 night.

Teambuilding Challenge


Strengthen your team and set them up for success. Inspirational lectures, group challenges, a great outdoor experience and the ultimate test of true teamwork - RAFTING! 

Incl. activities, food & accommodation.

4 500 rs / person. MORE INFO HERE.

5 days, 4 nights.

Mind Improvement


Disconnect and reconnect with the world by practice living fully in the moment. Through adventures, challenges and workshops we develop both our mind and body for a strong and healthy future.

Incl. activities, food & accommodation.

3 500 rs/person/day. MORE INFO HERE.

5 days, 4 nights.

Mission Leadership


Be empower to be the change you want to see in the world. This camp teaches how to turn your values and passions into real projects. Gain the management skills needed, while also strengthening our sense of place and purpose in the world. 

Incl. activities, food & accommodation.

Price on inquiryGET IN TOUCH.

Duration on inquiery.

Tailor-made Camp

Do you already have a group and a specific idea what you would like to do and experience at our camp? 

We are happy to design a tailor made program for you.  

Incl. activities, food & accommodation.

Price on inquiry. GET IN TOUCH.