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We are an educational center.

We were founded in 2006 with the goal to give youth a platform and opportunity to gain a career in the outdoor tourism industry. Since then over 300 students have gone through our educations, graduating with confidence, strong leadership skills, extensive experience, internationally recognised awards and accreditation, along with a wide skills set beyond the traditional role of a guide. 

Our graduates find work abroad and at home, have the knowledge to push for a more sustainable outdoor industry and the confidence to start their own businesses.

A variety of educations, courses and internships for international students passionate about adventure sports.


Vocational training and apprenticeship education for Nepali youth who want to gain a career in the outdoor industry and adventure guide profession.


Partnering with universities, we support research and knowledge sharing in

the Himalayas.


Let the Himalayas be your classroom.

We run courses, educations and internships for students through SUMMIT Adventure Academy, and our goal is to educate a new generation of outdoor professionals that are skilled, qualified and inspired. 


Focusing on leadership, adventure sports, sustainability and cross-cultural understanding, our programs are field based, challenge focused and collaborative in nature. To make meaningful connections between theoretical studies and experience in the field, we also work in close partnership with universities, colleges and other educational institutions around the world.

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