Apprenticeship Education


Our guide education approach the traditional apprenticeship format with a holistic view, using Challenge Based Learning pedagogy and a strong focus on each individuals’ personal growth. We want our students to be skilled guides but also confident, resilient individuals and good role models for the future. 

The students’ graduate with internationally recognised awards that together with their experience enable them to gain an international career in the outdoors. The education focus on both the hard (technical) and soft (inter-personal) skills of a guide, but also trains the students in a wide range of positions like cooking, hospitality, maintenance and gardening.
Focus is directed to personal development and leadership, as
students are encouraged to take responsibility, gradually move into management positions and teaching. Sustainability is at the core of the education and students both learn about these issues and take part in a variety of efforts to give back.
We also encourage students to make their voice heard, value and share their previous experience or interests, and take an active part in the learning process.

Puskar Kadel

"7 years I have been at Royal Beach Camp. I didn’t have any knowledge of water sports, leadership, team work, learning and sharing experience, sustainability and environmental consciousness but with training and work now I do. I am very thank full to my all teachers and caring team."

April Chepang

"Ton's of thing that we been learning and gaining the experience. Whatever condition I came from, I've gotten opportunity to ride on it like the waves on the river - I'm ready to ride. Thanks to my team and Royal Beach Camp for giving me the opportunity to learn and improve."

Outdoor Introduction Course

The first step is a 10 day introduction course, where students get an introduction to our activities, swimming lessons and practice all the aspects of working at an outdoor camp. We also have daily sit-down sessions on topics such as Health & Safety, First Aid, Hospitality, Leadership and Sustainability.

The course aims to give an insight into the profession, to build trust between both parts and to set students off to a good start in their education and career.

Year 1

First year is focused on building good habits, improving language skills and learning customer service, cooking, camp work and maintenance. First year students learn about kayaking, canyoneering and take part in a multi-day rafting expedition.

Students are able to graduate year one by having learnt all the skills, shown personal development and having successfully completed a First Aid course and the BC White Water Kayaking Award. 

Year 2

In the second year students focus on taking responsibility and developing leadership skills. 

By now they have tasks to fulfil alongside their learning, such as, leading a sustainability project and being weekly leader. They also assist in canyoneering trips and do safety kayaking. Learning is focused on the role of a guide, administration, risk assessment and improving on skills. 

Students are able to graduate year two by having learnt all the skills, have fulfilled their tasks and shown leadership development. They must also pass the National Guide Licence and a canyoneering course.

Year 3

Third year students are practicing and improving their hard and soft guide skills, technical raft guiding and expedition skills. Their tasks range from management, teaching first year students to leading international interns. They are also guiding canyoneering trips and running short kayaking courses.

Students are able to graduate  their final year by having learnt all the skills, having fulfilled their tasks, shown good leadership ability and both hard and soft skills. They must also complete a

WRT Pro and Wilderness First Aid courses and have gained international raft guide licence.

Further Opportunities

Many of our students choose to continue to develop with us even after their graduation, often in combination with seasonal jobs abroad. We encourage this as going abroad enriches their personal life and gives them good professional experiences upon which to grow further. 

At this point they join the team as colleagues and together we identify what skills they wish to continue develop and set a plan to reach those goals. These can include gaining higher qualifications and/or experience in fields such as Trip Leading, Management, Instructor / Coaching and Trekking Guide. 

Expedition Skills
White Water Kayaking
Organic Farming
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