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Mind Strength
5 days / 4 nights

This camp, based on the 5 Balances, is designed to help students improve their mental capacity by understanding how the mind works and how to deal with challenging situations. The camp gives students tools and skills to improve focus, make sound decisions and build confidence in studies and personal life.

During the daily workshops you will learn about the causes of stress, fears and worries are intertwined and what can be done about them. You will learn to critically reflect over situations in your life and improve future decision making. Through working together in different exercises we also begin to better understand others and improve our ability to cooperate successfully. 

Mindfulness & Meditation.

Meditation and a variety of mindfulness practices are a daily component of the program. The exercises help you find a sense of inner strength and peace, while improving your ability to focus, a critical skill to achieve good results.


Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities, such as rafting and canyoneering act as tools to help you find the courage to face your deeper fears and build confidence in your own capacity.

Ability to trust and collaborate with others are improved, as well as your capacity to make well founded decisions.

Spending Time in Nature.

Spending time in nature is proven to improve your immune system, reduce stress and improve your ability to sleep, along side many other health benefits. It has also proven to bring a deeper sense of joy and belonging. During this program we enhance all these qualities through dedicated exercises and moments of reconnecting with nature.


SEASON: All year round.

NO OF PARTICIPANTS: Group joining or private groups.

PRICE:  3 500 nrs/person/day. 


  • Full board incl. filtered water and complimentary tea & coffee.

  • Tented accommodation & shared WC facilities.

  • Activities: Mindfulness Excersises, Workshops, Yoga, Rafting, Canyoneering, Swimming session incl. technical equipment, guides and safety team.


  • Transportation.

  • Personal insurance.

  • Tips.

INSTRUCTORS / GUIDES: Our guides and instructors have many years of experience on Himalayan rivers and are IRGT - , WRT -,  BC - and First Aid certified.


  • Personal toiletries, incl. towel, sunscreen & mosquito repellant. Please use eco friendly, biodegradable products.

  • Sports cloths and shoes for activities. Please use quick dry pants/shorts and t-shirt, avoid cotton. Sandals or sneakers that sits tight on your feet.

  • Refillable water bottle.

  • Personal medication if applicable.

  • Hat, sunglasses, flashlight and change of cloths.

TRIP STARTS & FINISH AT: The Royal Beach Camp.

Please see map for directions.

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change, due to events beyond

our control, such as time -, weather - and safety considerations. 

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