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Adventure Training  
2 & 4 weeks


Gain the confidence to take on any challenge in life. Through great adventure sports, the outdoors and both physical and mental fitness you learn skills that help you to set and accomplish goals to become successful in personal and professional life. 

The Adventure Training program uses recognised techniques from wilderness education, military training and ancient mental health wisdom to improve your health, build strength and confidence to achieve your dreams.

The adventure sports included in the program are varied, from rafting to kayaking, canyoneering and hiking, and will help you develop both your physical, collaboration and mental capacities. 

The outdoor aspects like camping, outdoor cooking and spending the entire program in nature will have profound impacts on your health, as numerous studies show.


Feeling powerful and grounded in our body has a positive connection to our abilities to make good decisions and further teaches us discipline and stamina in the face of life's many difficulties. Building your water confidence and swimming skills is a part of this, as well as, regular running sessions and fitness excersise.

Finally the regular yoga and meditation aspect of the program will connect your mind and body and awaken those important feelings of gratitude that is fundamental to long term joy. Alongside tasks that focus on your own self-improvement will bring you confidence, focus and the self realisation to create a meaningful life where you can accomplish your goals. 


Mornings start early with running, physical fitness and yoga sessions already before breakfast. The best way to start the day, the exercise build strength and release endorphins making you feel great! 

Your day continues with a full-on program where you learn a variety of outdoor skills, improve your physical fitness and build mental strength. 

In the evenings we do meditation by the campfire. This practice improves skills like focus and clarity important to build mental strength.


As you continue to improve your skills and train, each week focuses on a different theme. We start with an Introduction Week, and then move on to focus on Discipline, Balance and the final Challenge Week. 

There are 10 challenges, with increasing difficulty, for you to achieve. Each of these goals are out in place for you to develop your skills, build strength of body and mind, and become confident and capable to set and reach your own goals for the future.


This program is based on the 5 Balances; Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual; allowing you to find success in all dimensions of life and reach your full potential. 


  • Want to improve your physical fitness and build mental strength? 

  • Looking for a boost of inspiration and the skills to achieve new goals in life?

  • Eager to explore the outdoors and take on a challenge? 


It doesn't matter who you are or what stage in life you are in, if you are ready to explore the outdoors and yourself, want to get strong and find focus, this program is for you! 


DATE: 1st &15th March 2022. 

NO OF PARTICIPANTS: Group joining.

PRICE: 2 weeks 55000 rupees / person.

             4 weeks 99000 rupees / person.


  • Full board incl. B/L/D, tea & coffee, filtered water.

  • Tented accommodation & shared WC facilities.

  • Training: Rafting, Canyoneering, Swimming, Outdoor Skills, Physical Fitness, Hiking, Running, Yoga & Mediation and Mental Strength.

  • Technical and group equipment. 

  • Leaders, guides and safety team.


  • Transportation.

INSTRUCTORS / GUIDES: Our guides and instructors have many years of experience on Himalayan rivers and are IRGT - , WRT -,  BC - and First Aid certified.


  • Personal toiletries, incl. towel, sunscreen & mosquito repellant. Please use eco friendly, biodegradable products.

  • Sports cloths and shoes for activities. Please use quick dry pants/shorts and t-shirt, avoid cotton. Sandals or sneakers that sits tight on your feet.

  • Refillable water bottle.

  • Personal medication if applicable.

  • Hat, sunglasses, flashlight and change of cloths.

TRIP STARTS & FINISH AT: The Royal Beach Camp.

Please see map for directions.

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change, due to events beyond

our control, such as time -, weather - and safety considerations. 

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